Genealogie Familie Fabriek
Genealogy Family Fabriek, Fabrick


Given Names

Aaltje 1878
Andries 1863
Anne 1856
Anne Jans 1778
Ans 1926
Antje 1860
Arendina 1887
Arendina 1860
Catherinus 1905
Cornelisjen 1874
Cornelisjen 1908
Cornelisjen 1927
Dirk 1903
Dirk 1936
Dirk 1854
Dirk 1817
Elisabeth Clasina ca. 1892
Elizabeth 1835
Foke Annes 1828
Foke Jans 1785
Fokje 1790
Fokje 1821
Frederik Roelof 1926
Geert 1915
Geertruida 1909
Gerben 1905
Gerbrandus ca. 1888
Gerrit Johannes 1905
Hendrik 1811
Hendrik 1900
Herman 1906
Herman 1896
Herman 1900
Herman 1913
Herman 1845
Herman Jan 1872
Herman Marinus 1926
Hermanus Stephanus ca. 1890
Hiltje 1812
Hiltje 1814
Hiltje 1850
Jan 1879
Jan 1875
Jan 1929
Jan 1931
Jan 1901
Jan 1876
Jan 1868
Jan 1848
Jan 1821
Jan 1818
Jan Annes 1746
Jan Korver 1874
Jan Marten 1916
Jan Pieters 1809
Jantje 1815
Jantje 1881
Jantje 1872
Jeltje 1869
Jeltje Annes 1828
Jentje 1867
Jentje 1899
Johan 1902
Johannes 1929
Johannes 1894
Johannes 1815
Klazina Margje Elizabeth 1877
Kornelis 1811
Kornelis 1821
Luitzen 1919
Luitzen 1911
Luitzen 1924
Luitzen 1924
Luitzen 1871
Maartje 1851
Maartje 1852
Maartje 1855
Margaretha Maria 1902
Margaretha Maria Geeske 1941
Margje 1837
Martje 1925
Pieter 1875
Pieter 1884
Pieter 1923
Pieter 1879
Pieter 1842
Pieter 1833
Pieter Adrianus ca. 1883
Pieter Jan 1914
Pieter Jans 1787
Pieter Lucas 1898
Rinske 1922
Roelof 1870
Roelof 1933
Roelof Johan Pieter 1927
Sipkje 1877
Trijntje 1858
Trijntje 1808
Trijntje 1782
Trijntje 1780
Wiebe 1881
Wiebigje 1879
Wiebigje 1870
Wiebigje 1865
Wilhelmina 1839
Willem 1854
Willem 1904
Willem ca. 1886
Wybigjen 1876

IIc. JAN ANNES FABRIEK, born Langezwagen 1746 ; where and when died unknown; windmillbuilder at de Wijngaarden near Langezwagen; son of Anne Piers (see Stock A); he married:
on 8-12-1776 with Hiltje Fokes Brouwer; Neth. Reform. Church; baptized on 28-11-1751 at Mildam and died on
11-2-1828; daughter of Foke Jans Brouwer and Trijntje Sierds.
Children born from this marriage:

1. Anne Jans, (see IIId.)
2. Trijntje, baptized on 23-10-1780 at Nijlamer; date of death unknown.
3. Trijntje, baptized on 4-5-1782 at Nijlamer; date of death unknown.
4. Foke Jans, baptized on 7-3-1785 at Nijlamer, capenter; died on 27-2-1871 at Wolvega; in 1811 he adopted the name FABRYK ; he married Pietje Johannes Posthumus, born on 1783 at St. Anna Parochie, daughter of Johannes Aukes and Jetske Pieters;; died on 25-11-1843 at Wolvega.
Children born from this marriage:
  1. Hiltje, born on 10-3-1812 at Nijlamer and died on 18-10-1836 at Wolvega; married with Hans Jurgens Oosterhof on 28-5-1835.
  2. Johannes, born on 1-1-1815 at Nijlamer and there died on 21-8-1815.
  3. Fokje, born on 1821.
5. IIIe. Pieter Jans, (see IIIe.)
6. Fokje, baptized on 18-3-1790 at Nijlamer.

IIId. ANNE JANS FABRIEK, baptized on 27-3-1778 at Nijlamer; windmillbuilder/carpenter; died on 28-5-1840 at Wolvega; son of Jan Annes Fabriek ; in 1811 he adopt the name FABRYK; he married:
with Antje Hendriks Veensma, on 26-3-1806, baptized on 20-2-1787 at Wolvega and there she died on 1-12-1860.
Children born from this marriage:

1. Trijntje, baptized on 13-2-1808 at Nijlamer; died on 3-1-1866; she married with Wouter Wagter.
2. Hendrik, born on 7-4-1811 at Nijlamer; died on 22-5-1873 at Wolvega; married on 23-11-1853 with Wijtsje Jacobs van Dijken, born on 1811.
3. Jantje, born on 19-5-1815 at Nijlamer and there she died on 10-10-1878.
4. Jan, born on 30-11-1818 at Nijlamer and there he died on 2-1-1819.
5. Jan, born on 5-5-1821 at Nijlamer and he died on 31-8-1841 at Wolvega.
6. Foke Annes. (see IVf)
7. Jeltje, born on 29-11-1828 at Nijlamer.

IVf. FOKE ANNES FABRIEK, born on 20-8-1828 at Nijlamer; carpenter at Wolvega; died on 28-2-1908 at Wolvega; son of Anne Jans ; he married on 16-11-1854 with Barteltje Andries Libbenga, born on 1828 and died on 17-5-1874 at Wolvega.
Children born from this marriage:

1. Anne, born on 10-3-1856 at Wolvega and there he died unmarried on 12-4-1908.
2. Trijntje, born on 20-1-1858 at Wolvega; married on 24-5-1885 with Broer v.d.Werf.
3. Antje, born on 24-8-1860 at Wolvega and died on 19-11-1918 at Heerenveen; married on 10-1-1901 with Wiebe Meyer.
4. Andries, born on 11-2-1863 at Wolvega and there he died on 2-4-1865.
5. Jeltje, born on 2-4-1869 at Wolvega; married on 4-2-1893 with Zacharias Salverda.

IIIe. PIETER JANS FABRIEK, baptized on 27-10-1787 at Nijlamer; carpenter at Wolvega and died on 20-9-1845 at Wolvega; son of Jan Annes Fabriek ; in 1811 he remained with the name FABRIEK
he married:
1. with Maartje Cornelis v.d. Sloot, born on 1785 and died at Wolvega on 5-8-1823; daughter of Cornelis Berends and Akke Dirks.
2. on 2-7-1828 with Klaasje Gerrits Jongschaap, born on 14-1-1784 at Wolvega and died on 3-2-1862 at Noordwolde; daughter of Gerrit Pals and Catharina Smit.
Children born from the first marriage:

1. Jan Pieters. (see IVg)
2. Kornelis, born on 17-12-1811 at Wolvega and there he died on 13-6-1820. (at nr. 159)
3. Hiltje, born on 30-10-1814 at Wolvega; she died on 6-12-1872 at Ter Idzard; married on 22-10-1847 with Andries Karstens  van Aarsen, born on 22-10-1824 at Sonnega.
4. Dirk. (see IVh)
5. Kornelis, born on 15-9-1821 at Wolvega and there he died on 15-7-1841.

IVg. JAN PIETERS FABRIEK, born on 30-12-1809 at Nijlamer; baker, merchant and ale-house keeper at Oldemarkt and there died on 29-3-1874; son of Pieter Jans Fabriek ; he married on 30-6-1833 with Wiebigje Verbeek born on 4-12-1812 at Oldemarkt and there she died on 27-1-1889; shopkeeper.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Pieter, born on 1833 at Oldemarkt and there died on 24-8-1835.
2. Elizabeth, born on 19-10-1835 at Oldemarkt; married on 6-5-1864 with Steffen Posthumus.
3. Margje, born on 25-10-1837 at Oldemarkt and died on 29-4-1909 at Meppel; married on 15-3-1879 with Jan Kuurman.
4. Wilhelmina, born on 23-9-1839 at Oldemarkt; married on 6-5-1864 with Harm Prins.
5. Pieter. (see Vi)
6. Herman. (see Vj)
7. Jan. (see Vk)
8. Hiltje, born on 21-11-1850 at Oldemarkt and died on 3-3-1936 at Zaandam; she married on 12-10-1875 with Egbert Johannes Scheeper.
9. Dirk, born on 4-1-1854 at Oldemarkt and there died on 14-1-1854.
10.Willem. (see Vl)
11.Arendina, born on 17-6-1860 at Oldemarkt and there died on 10-1-1883.

Vi. PIETER FABRIEK, born on 27-7-1842 at Oldemarkt; teacher at Zwartsluis; died on 28-7-1927 at Haarlem; son of Jan Pieters Fabriek he married on 1864 with Klazina Otten, born on 15-12-1844 at Zwartsluis and died on 21-5-1916 at Haarlem.
Children born from this marriage:

1. Wiebigjen, born on 1865 at Zwartsluis and died on 1945 at Hilversum; married on 1890 with Johan Rodenburg.
2. Jentje, born on 16-1-1867 at Zwartsluis; died on 1951 at Huizen; married with Gradus Willem Ostendorf.
3. Jan, born on 1868 at Zwartsluis and died on 1944 at Den Haag; married; no children.
4. Roelof. (see VIh)
5. Herman Jan, born on 1872 at Zwartsluis and there died on 1884.
6. Jan Korver, born on 23-12-1874 at Zwartsluis and died on 1956 at Apeldoorn; married; no children.
7. Klazina Margje Elizabeth, born on 1877 at Zwartsluis; married on 1911 with Jan van Dorsten. Both died at Haarlem.
8. Pieter. (see VIi)

VIh. ROELOF FABRIEK, born on 2-3-1870 at Zwartsluis; teacher and master MULO; died on 23-4-1940 at Heemstede; son of Pieter Fabriek ; he married on 22-4-1897 with Jantine Aline Meyer, born on 21-10-1870 at Coevorden, daughter of Lucas Meyer and Herika Maria Rebenscheijdt and died on 31-12-1954
at Heemstede.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Pieter Lucas. (see VIIi)
2. Hendrik, born on 26-4-1900 at Paramaribo; employe by General Motors; died on 18-1-1944 at Padang Sumatra; married with L.Groenewoud; three daughters.
3. Johan. (see VIIj)
4. Willem. (see VIIk)
5. Herman, born on 26-7-1906 at Paramaribo; confectioner and agent; he married:
1. with Maria Anna Reidt; died on 1945 at Zwolle; one daughter.
2. with J.Beekhuizen; died on 12-6-1971.

VIIi. PIETER LUCAS FABRIEK, born on 17-3-1898 at Sneek; inspector PTT at Neth. Indie; died on 22-2-1982 at Heemstede; son of Roelof Fabriek ;
he married on 9-9-1926 with Johanna Palm, born on 8-6-1906 at Leiden. Children.

VIIj. JOHAN FABRIEK, born on 28-12-1902 at Paramaribo; police superintendent at Neth. Indie; died on 26-1-1974 at Heemstede; son of Roelof Fabriek ; he married on 4-3-1925 with Trijntje Oost, born on 3-11-1904 at Vetteweiz(Germ.) and died on 26-5-1982
at Hoogeveen.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Frederik Roelof. (see VIIIk)
2. Roelof Johan Pieter. (see VIIIl)

VIIIk. FREDERIK ROELOF FABRIEK, born on 2-1-1926 at Batavia; tropical agricultural engineer; son of Johan Fabriek ; he married on 27-7-1952 with J.Bredewold, born on 27-11-1928 at Deventer. Children .

VIIIl. ROELOF JOHAN PIETER FABRIEK, born on 20-1-1927 at Batavia(Jakarta); empl. Shell; son of Johan Fabriek ;married on 21-6-1957 with Harmanna Grietje Addens, born on 25-4-1932 at Medemblik. Children.

VIIk. WILLEM FABRIEK, born on 2-4-1904 at Paramaribo; empl. BPM/Shell; died on 26-8-1983 at Naarden; son of Roelof Fabriek ;he married:
1. with G.M.S.Palm. Children.
2. with J.Willeumier, on 25-5-1954. Children.

VIi. PIETER FABRIEK, born on 1879 at Zwartsluis; master and dr. in the France letters; died on 1964 at Bussum; son of Pieter Fabriek ;he married with Johanna Petronella van der Burg.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Daughter
2. Pieter Jan. (see VIIl)
3. Daughter.

VIIl. PIETER JAN FABRIEK, born on 8-5-1914 at Amsterdam; son of Pieter Fabriek ;he married on 9-9-1942 with Agnes Koster, born on 21-5-1914 at Amsterdam. Children .

Vj. HERMAN FABRIEK, born on 17-4-1845 at Oldemarkt, schoemaker at Oosterzee and there died on 4-8-1922; son of Jan Pieters Fabriek ;he married on 23-5-1869 with Korneliske Werkman, born on 19-9-1842 and died on 6-3-1919 at Oosterzee, daughter of Luitzen Klazes Werkman and Korneliske Kunst.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Wiebigjen, born on 19-2-1870 at Oosterzee and there died on 22-4-1876.
2. Luitzen. (see VIj)
3. Cornelisjen, born on 8-11-1874 at Oosterzee; died on 2-9-1953 at Echten; married on 3-6-1898 with Klaas Pieter Vaartjes, born on 8-6-1871 at Oosterzee, seven children.
4. Jan. (see VIk)
5. Wiebe. (see VIl)

VIj. LUITZEN FABRIEK, born on 22-6-1871 at Oosterzee; schoemaker/ post-officekeeper at Sint Johannesga; and there died at 23-6-1969; son of Herman Fabriek ;he married on 11-11-1892 with Rinske Koopman, born on 12-4-1869 at Oosterzee; died on 2-1-1960 at Scharnegoutum; daughter of Johannes Kerstens Koopman and Trijntje v.d. Meulen.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Johannes, born on 8-5-1894 at Oosterzee; empl. Colemine Limburg; married on 20-7-1922 with Elizabeth Jacoba Feith, born on 6-3-1898 at Utrecht. One foster-child.
2. Herman. (see VIIm)
3. Jentje. (see VIIn)
4. Jan, born on 13-9-1901 at Sint Johannesga, carpenter; married with Jitske Nieuwland, born on 1-3-1899 at Oostergaast. Children.
5. Catherinus. (see VIIo)
6. Cornelisjen, born on 12-7-1908 at Sint Johannesga; died on 4-6-1968 at Sneek; married with S.Brandsma.

VIIm. HERMAN FABRIEK, born on 25-8-1896 at Sint Johannesga; carpenter/contractor; died on 26-6-1978 at Sneek; son of Luitzen Fabriek ; he married on 19-5-1921 with Jacoba van der Wal, born on 17-2-1897 at Rotster Haule, died on 3-10-1983.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Rinske, born on 6-5-1922 at Sint Johannesga; married with Jacob Sierdsma. Children.
2. Pieter, born on 10-5-1923 at Sint Johannesga.
3. Luitzen, born on 10-7-1924 at St. Johannesga; unmarried died on 22-12-1984 at Berlikum.
4. Martje, born on 6-8-1925 at St. Johannesga; married with G.Geerlings. Children.
5. Cornelisjen, born on 12-3-1927 at Sint Johannesga; died in 2-4-1949.
6. Dirk, born on 13-8-1936 at Sint Johannesga; married with Hiltje van der Zee. Children.

VIIn. JENTJE FABRIEK, born on 31-8-1899 at St.Johannesga; wagonbuilder; died on 12-2-1976 at Haarlem; son of Luitzen Fabriek ; married with Carolina Marianne Feith, born on 9-5-1900 at Utrecht.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Herman Marinus, born on 9-10-1926 at Utrecht; shopkeeper; married; children.
2. Johannes, born on 31-5-1929 at Utrecht; empl. Philips; married; children.
3. Luitzen. (see VIIIn.)

VIIo. CATHERINUS FABRIEK, born on 14-4-1905 at Sint Johannesga; empl. PTT; son of Luitzen Fabriek married on 27-8-1936 with Fokje Postma, born on 18-2-1909 at Drachten. Children.

VIIIn. LUITZEN FABRIEK, born on 20-4-1924 at Zuilen; director schoolcommunity at Nieuw Roden; son of Jentje Fabriek; he married on 8-12-1948 with Hilda Akke Kingma, born on 17-10-1926. Children.

VIk . JAN FABRIEK, born on 25-11-1876 at Oosterzee; schoemaker/shopkeeper; died on 5-6-1941 at Oudeschoot; son of Herman Fabriek; he married on 12-5-1899 with Geeske Steenstra, born on 30-1-1873 at Oldemarkt and died on 5-6-1956 at Oude Schoot; daughter of Gerben Steenstra and Margaretha Maria Hulst.
Children born from this mariage:
1. Herman. (see VIIp.)
2. Margaretha Maria, born on 8-5-1902 at Nieuweschoot and dted on 3-7-1938 at Heerenveen.
3. Gerben. (see VIIq.)
4. Luitzen. (see VIIr.)

VIIp HERMAN FABRIEK, born on 23-8-1900 at Nieuweschoot; civil servant; died on 20-4-1984 at Heerenveen; son of Jan Fabriek ;married on 14-5-1925 with Trijntje Visser, born on 13-2-1901 at Sonnega.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Ans, born on 12-12-1926 at Nieuweschoot; married with Johan v.d. Kolk; children.
2. Jan. (see VIIIp.)
3. Roelof. (see VIIIq.)
4. Margaretha Maria Geeske, born on 29-6-1941 at Oosterwolde; married with Kees Donkerbroek.

VIIIp. JAN FABRIEK, born on 16-9-1931 at Oosterwolde; painter; son of Herman Fabriek ;he married on 25-11-1955 with Geeske Bauwknecht, born on 4-3-1935 at Donkerbroek. Children .

VIIIq. ROELOF FABRIEK, born on 12-10-1933 at Oosterwolde; plumber; son of Herman Fabriek ;he married on 16-4-1958 with Geertina Hillegina Vredeveld, born on 8-6-1935 at Hijken . Children .

VIIq. GERBEN FABRIEK, born on 23-10-1905 at Oudeschoot; insp. Health benefit-fund; died on 5-6-1984 at Heerenveen; son of Jan Fabriek , married on 24-5-1928 with Bontje van Stralen, born on 30-10-1900 at Rottum. Children.

VIIIr. JAN FABRIEK, born on 21-8-1929 at Oudeschoot; dir. "gem. soc. dienst" at Ede; son of Gerben Fabriek , he married on 28-2-1955 with Grietje Timmerman, born on 25-12-1930
at Steenwijk. Children.

VIIr. LUITZEN FABRIEK, born on 11-7-1911 at Oudeschoot; blacksmith/shopkeeper; died on 31-5-1974 at Heerenveen; son of Jan Fabriek , he married on 4-10-1941 with Pietje Oenema, born on 7-8-1916. Children.

VIl. WIEBE FABRIEK, born on 20-4-1881 at Oosterzee; schoemaker/postoffice-keeper; died on 21-2-1956 at Bolsward; son of Herman Fabriek ; he married on 11-5-1912 with Egbertje Dragt born on 28-1-1885 at Oppenhuizen and died on 19-1-1953 at Uitwellingerga; daughter of Geert Dragt en Ykje Vlieger.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Herman. (see VIIs)
2. Geert. (see VIIt)
3. Luitzen. (see VIIu)

VIIs HERMAN FABRIEK, born on 7-5-1913 at Uitwellingerga; carpenter; died on 24-1-1977 at Bolsward; son of Wiebe Fabriek ; he married on 22-5-1939 with Romkje Bosma, born on 28-9-1914 at Oldeholtpade; died on 19-2-2005. Children.

VIIt. GEERT FABRIEK, born on 17-12-1915 at Oppenhuizen; baker; son of Wiebe Fabriek ;
he married:
1. on 17-1-1940 with Jantje Faber, born on 22-2-1914 and died on 9-4-1961. Children.
2. on 7-9-1950 with Frederika Elizabeth Gerritsen. Children.

VIIu. LUITZEN FABRIEK, born on 25-7-1919 at Uitwellingerga; postoffice-keeper; died on 11-10-1982 at Lemmer; son of Wiebe Fabriek; he married on 24-5-1941 with Roelofje Abma, born on 5-4-1920 at Terzool and died on 2-3-2000 at Sneek; daughter of Bean Abma and Trijntje Stegenga. Children .

Vk. JAN FABRIEK, born on 5-1-1848 at Oldemarkt; carpenter; died on 10-01-1926 at Meppel; son of Jan Pieters Fabriek ;he married on 22-5-1874 with Anna van Huizen, born on 16-8-1847 at Nijeholtpade and died on 29-12-1916 at Meppel; daughter of Pieter van Huizen and Sipkje Gerrits de Vries.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Jan, born on 28-8-1875 at Wolvega; died on 2-4-1892.
2. Sipkje, born on 23-12-1877 at Scherpenzeel.
3. Wiebigjen, born on 22-12-1879 at Spanga.
4. Pieter. (see VIm)
5. Arendina, born on 27-6-1887 at Meppel; married on 20-5-1914 with Reinier Jacob Zorge son of Jacob Zorge and Maatje Tuinman.

VIm. PIETER FABRIEK, born on 16-3-1884 at Meppel; bookkeeper at Haarlem and there died on 1963; son of Jan fabriek ;he married on 10-2-1914 with Catharina Bernardina Marie Koopal, born on 30-10-1886 at Geldrop and died on 6-2-1943 at Haarlem.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Jan Marten. (see VIIv)

VIIv. JAN MARTEN FABRIEK, born on 26-12-1916 at Stratum; teacher France; son of Pieter Jan Fabriek ; he married on 5-5-1944 with Alida Sophia van Vuure, born on 17-3-1918 at Soebab (Neth. Ind.) Children.

Vl. WILLEM FABRIEK, born on 2-1-1854 at Oldemarkt; carpenter; date and place of deceased unknown; son of Jan Pieters Fabriek ; he married on 20-5-1876 with Annigje Krol, born on 29-5-1855 at Blokzijl; daughter of Pieter Krol and Aaltje Berkenbos.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Wybigjen, born on 10-9-1876 at Oldemarkt.
2. Aaltje, born on 29-6-1878 at Kuinre.
3. Jan, born on 27-11-1879 at Joure.
4. Jantje, born on 7-1-1881 at Joure.

IVh. DIRK FABRIEK, born on 23-12-1817 at Wolvega; schoemaker/mechant at Oldemarkt and there died on 14-12-1876; son of Pieter Jans Fabriek ; he married
1. with Hendrikje Heroma, born at Oldemarkt.
2. on 23-12-1857 with Catharina Folkerts van den Berg, born on 24-8-1814 at Wolvega; daughter of Folkert Abels v.d. Berg and Geesjen Gerrits Jongschaap.
3. on 17-11-1870 with Geertje Kuit, born on 30-10-1837 at Oldemarkt and died on 19-2-1920.
Children born from the first marriage:
1. Maartje, born in 1851 at Oldemarkt and there died on 1851.
2. Maartje, born in 1852 at Oldemarkt and there died on 1853.
3. Stientje, born in 1855 at Oldemarkt and there died on 1856.
Children born from the third marriage:
1. Jantje, born on 15-8-1872 at Oldemarkt; married on 5-9-1896 with Jan Meyer.
2. Pieter. (see Vm)

Vm . PIETER FABRIEK, born on 17-7-1875 at Oldemarkt; schoemaker; died on 2-10-1930 at Groningen; son of Dirk Fabriek ; he married on 15-6-1902 with Johanna Suiveer, born on 19-11-1875 and died at Groningen.
Children born from this marriage:
1. Dirk. (see VIo)
2. Gerrit Johannes. (see VIp)
3. Geertruida, born on 4-10-1909 at Groningen; married on 27-4-1939 with H.Bierman. Children

VIo. DIRK FABRIEK, born on 29-4-1903 at Groningen; agent; died on 21-9-1976 in Groningen; son of Pieter Fabriek ; he married on 9-10-1939 with Antje Hamminga, born on 1-9-1911 at Groningen; and there died on
26-10-1979. Children.

VIp. GERRIT JOHANNES FABRIEK, born on 14-9-1905 at Groningen and there died on 24-8-1981; son of Pieter Fabriek ; married. Children.

Family Names of Patronym

Akke Dirks
Trijntje Sierds
Jetske Pieters
Abma Bean
Abma Roelofje
Addens Harmanna Grietje
Asser Abram
Bauwknecht Geeske
Beekhuizen J.
Berkenbos Aaltje
Bierman H.
Bosma Romkje
Brandes Anthonius Gerardus Jacobus
Brandsma S.
Bredewold J.
Brouwer Hiltje Fokes
Brouwer Foke Jans
Donkerbroek Kees
Dragt Geert
Dragt Egbertje
Faber Jantje
Feith Elizabeth Jocoba
Feith Carolina Marianne
Geerlings G.
Gerritsen Frederika Elizabeth
Groenewoud L.
Groot Pietertje
Hamminga Antje
Hendriks Johanna Maria
Heroma Hendrikje
Houttuin Jacoba Maria
Hulst Margaretha Maria
Jongschaap Klaasje Gerrits
Jongschaap Geesjen Gerrits
Jongschaap Gerrit Pals
Kingma Hilda Akke
Koopal Catharina Bernardina Marie
Koopman Johannes Kerstens
Koopman Rinske
Koster Agnes
Krol Annigje
Krol Pieter
Kuit Geertje
Kunst Korneliske
Kuurman Jan
Libbenga Barteltje Andries
Mangels Mathilda Paulona Adriana
Meyer Wiebe
Meyer Jantine Aline
Meyer Jan
Meyer Lucas
Nieuwland Jitske
Oenema Pietje
Oost Trijntje
Oosterhof Hans Jurgens
Ostendorf Gradus Willem
Otten Klazina
Palm G.M.S.
Posthumus Pietje Johannes
Posthumus Steffen
Posthumus Johannes Aukes
Postma Fokje
Prins Harm
Rebenscheijdt Hendrika Maria
Reidt Maria Anna
Renaud Wijnanda
Rodenburg Johan
Salverda Zacharias
Scheeper Egbert Johannes
Sierdsma Jacob
Smit Catharina
Steenstra Geeske
Steenstra Gerben
Stegenga Trijntje
Suiveer Johanna
Timmerman Geeske
Tuinman Maatje
Vaartjes Klaas
Van Aarsen Andries Karsten
Van den Berg Catharina Folkerts
Van den Berg Folkert Abels
Van der Burg Johanna Petronella
Van der Kolk Johan
Van der Meulen Trijntje
Van der Schaaf Folkert
Van der Sloot Maartje Cornelis
Van der Sloot Cornelis
Van der Wal Jacoba
Van der Werf Broer
Van der Zee Hiltje
Van Dijken Wijtsje Jacobs
Van Dorsten Jan
Van Muijen Johannes Cornelis
Van Stralen Bontje
Van Vure Alida Sophia
Veensma Antje Hendriks
Verbeek Wiebigje
Visser Trijntje
Visser Johanna
Vliekger Ykje
Vredeveld Geertina Hillegina
Wagter Wouter
Werkman Korneliske
Werkman Luitzen Klazes
Willeumier J.
Zorge Jacob
Zorge Reinier Jacob